Why Facebook Is Essential For Companies

From demographic information on interests and industries to professional titles of target persons, almost everything can be filtered via Facebook.

The design of a display is partly predetermined, but by text, branding and own picture or video material individually configurable.

The special feature is that the ads are linked to the Facebook profile and the website of the operator, so that an immediate interaction between the company and the potential customer arises when needed.

To convince even skeptical Facebook opponents of this: The active operation of a company profile in the network is not even a mandatory requirement for the advertisement.

Similarly, there is no mandatory or insane budget that must be present for the ads – it will only pay an amount if the user actually click.


The Facebook Pixel – A Tracking Tool For Analyzing And Tracking Of All Of Your Website Visitors

Anyone who uses Facebook on a regular basis might be surprised by the ads in its timeline: Facebook ads often display ads for products or services that the user has previously viewed in an online shop or on any other website . Therefore, the question arises: How does Facebook recognize that a user has visited a website and bought or did not buy a product?

Facebook uses tracking pixels.

The Facebook Pixel is a tool for analyzing and measuring the success of Facebook advertising. With the help of the pixel it is possible to meaningfully optimize and align advertising campaigns.

This is how the Facebook Pixel works
Technically, the Facebook Pixel consists of a personalized JavaScript code, which you can get from Facebook and embed on your own website. For site users it goes unnoticed and the design of the site is not affected. Now you can measure the conversions that came about as a result of your campaign, so in a nutshell:

Your analysis will be more targeted if certain “events” are set for the pixel.

With the help of Facebook’s standard events, such as “Add to cart”, “Buy confirmation” or “Add to wishlist”, you can capture and evaluate specific actions.

There are two different ways to measure conversions:

  • Conversion tracking using standard events
  • Tracking using custom conversions


Why do you need the Facebook Pixel?

In addition to the main benefit of measuring the success of your Facebook ad, there are other benefits of the Facebook pixel:

1. Basis for retargeting

With the help of the pixel, you can build custom audiences and use the data obtained to launch customized advertising campaigns. This will increase the accuracy of your target audience and reduce loss and ads costs.


2. Building a Lookalike Audience

A Lookalike Audience is a target group of people with similar interests to existing website visitors. This will help you reach potential new customers who fit into the profile of your offer.


3. Use of Dynamic Ads

This type of advertising is particularly suitable for online shops. The content of the advertisement can here be arbitrarily adapted to what was the most viewed on the website. The goal is to show the customer exactly the advertising that appeals to him personally.