The Difference Between Our Google Leads Services And Local SEO, And How We Can Deliver Months Of SEO Results In A Very Short Time?

In this short local SEO guide we explain what local SEO is, and how local search optimization can help improve your online presence.

But, more importantly, we will explain (at the end of the article) why our Google leads services are more powerful and logical than local SEO if the aim is to get more customers fast, because we are able to improve your business within days!

You don’t have to wait months for results to attract new customers!

If you read this article carefully, you’ll see the difference of our work compared to any kind of search engine optimization!

By the way local SEO is very important, but we get you to the point where your business is expected to be after 6 months (at least) with local search engine optimization in a short time without SEO!


What is Local SEO?

Local SEO refers to implementations that lead to an optimal placement (rankings) in the local search results of a search engine.

Search engines have different indexes for websites, pictures, videos, news and just for local businesses.

The factors that influence the ranking within the respective index are sometimes different.

Local SEO is essential for local businesses that want to expand their business and permanently gain new customers automatically.


How Important Is SEO For Local Search?

More and more local businesses have realized how important local search has become with Google.

And so the competition for placing in search results for local searches is much stronger than it was a year or two ago.

If we are looking for an Italian restaurant or a dentist nearby, we often start our search on Google.

That makes Google an important marketing tool for local businesses too.

The better the placement (which is called RANKING) in the search results, the more potential new customers a company can get through the hits on Google.


It’s Known That SEO Takes A Long Time!

As mentioned earlier, all the ranking factors and necessary implementations that you will find in this article will take several months to reap the rewards of your work, but we can pretty much shorten that time for you.

Our service, which allows us to bring you new customers on a permanent basis, relies on bypassing many of those local SEO implementations, which are usually required to ensure your visibility online.


What Is A ‘Local Search’?

There are differences between a standard search and what’s called as a local search.

Google says, 46% of all searches have a local intent.

For these types of search queries search engines show results that the searcher is looking for.

These are business suggestions or lists based on location.

That’s precisely what searh engines offer up in the local search engine results pages (SERPs) where you can see a box on the top of the page which is the most important place on local SERP’s.

That’s the place where you want to be shown up if you want to get local customers easily.


What Is The Most Important Part Of Local SEO?

In short: It’s the NAP!

Make sure your NAP is consistent across all top directories.

NAP stands for this 3 information about your business:

Your company name, address, phone number with area code.

For local customers, NAP is the most important information about your business.

Especially for those who are looking for a company in their area and want to find a phone number.

Pay attention to the following details:

Name: Here is the complete company name – in addition, you can also specify the services offered (example: “XY – Chinese restaurant”)

Address: If you have multiple websites, microsites, or social media channels, make sure that you have the same address everywhere.

Phone number: In addition to the consistent spelling, use an official standard.


MOZ found out in a study about the factors influencing rankings in the local search, that the presence and accuracy of the NAP, plays a crucial role.

It’s part of the on-page SEO signal, which makes up 21% of the result.

A major negative local search ranking factor is inconsistent NAP citations.

Inside Local has found that this accounts for 41% of the total ranking issues.



How to setup citations?

First, you need to put NAP in a simple, crawlable HTML text format in the footer of your web page (where Web users are most likely to expect it).

Do not paste the NAP as an image because such kind of information can not be read by the search engines.

Furthermore, you have to take care of your NAP format, so that you will be recognized by Google My Business.

Look at the example so you can distinguish between a good and a bad NAP.


Source: Neil Patel 


About Google My Business

Google My Business is a free tool for local businesses to manage their online presence , including Search and Maps.

After verifying and editing your business information, you can both help customers find you and inform them about your business.

For Local SEO, having your own Google My Business page is very important. Google uses content to rank local searches and displays content such as photos, ratings, or opening hours to the right of local hits.

If you do not have a Google My Business page, create one and keep it up-to-date.

To build your own “Google My Business” page, you need a Google Account.


Hopefully you see now why local SEO is important.

Nevertheless, usually it can take up to 6 to 12 months until you see results, provided the SEO is done properly.

The time period until you get first results is a time of patience.

Because you have to spend money upfront without expectation of return.

That’s exactly what you don’t have to fear with our Google leads services.


How We Can Improve Your Business in A Very Short Time

First we will massively increase your online visibility (look at our homepage).

The goal is to send you only visitors with buyer intent, i.e. People looking for solutions to their problems.

The goal of SEO is also to get new customers by constantly attracting visitors to your website, but SEO takes several months to get you there.

Our method will serve you within a few days to weeks.

We make sure big news sites present your business.

This leads to massive visibility and also to great rankings on Google, as your website receives strong backlinks from these big news sites (look at our homepage).

Over time (starting from 24 hours to a few weeks) your website traffic (visitor numbers) increase significantly!

As those visitors are people looking for solutions to their problems, they will most likely contact you if your business seems to be the right one to get helped!

In this way you will be able to increase the number of new clients and customers easily!

Right from the start! Without waiting months or years of wasted time and money!


How Our Method Improves Your SEO As Well

Because more visitors and backlinks from high authority sites (that you acquire as a side effect) are among the strongest ranking factors, Google pushes your website up.

Gradually you occupy the first pages for a huge amount of keywords within a short time.

After 6 to 9 months, your website will most likely appear in the Google Pack for several keywords without having done any local SEO application.

With us you have no monthly payments and you can cancel whenever you want!